Ibanez S series - your advice vs my expectations

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Ibanez S series - your advice vs my expectations

Post by darek » October 23rd, 2018, 11:34 am


I would be grateful for any advice on below. I'm returning to playing after couple of years break and lot's of things has changed. Could you please comment on these doubts I have regarding Ibanez S series?

1. I want to play "everything": from metal and progressive technical metal (Scale the Summit etc) to blues improvisations (I really-really like these). Should I look only in models with a Single-type pickup present? In case of the S series that is available for me these are HSS and HSH configurations only. Will HH configuration (blade switch allows mode with two central single coils from humbuckers being enabled) be bluesy enough?

2. Is the mid price range (non-"prestige", 300 - 600 British pounds) of the S series worth buying as in price/quality? I really like the slim shape and low weight - I have strong back but already have some pains due to my profession. I need a portable set easy to travel with - I'm thinking about matching this with GT-1 for portability.

3. Am I trading some of the sound quality just to have this lighter weight slim mahogany body? What about body endurance? Can it get bend due to strings tensions after couple of years or the mahogany construction will hold?

4. I don't need a tremolo system, never use it. Yet all configurations with S pickup have tremolo. I think first thing I will do is to wood-block it. That's my habit from my Fender times 20 years ago. I can only see 2 hardtails available, and both of them are HH, so I think I will have to buy one with a tremolo (unless HH can be "bluesy" enough).

From the offer I got I'm considering one of these, with Ibanez S670QM-DEB looking as a favorite:

https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/ ... -spot-2018
https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/ ... y-sunburst
https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/ ... -pre-owned
https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/ ... rown-burst
https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/ ... k-sunburst
https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/ ... burst-2017

Which one would you pick? Which one to avoid?

Best regards,

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