Strumming for Me and Bobby Mcgee

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Strumming for Me and Bobby Mcgee

Post by Dave T » July 27th, 2005, 5:56 am

I know it is on the moderators TO DO List, but..

Having a tough time with the “Joplin” version of this one. The songbook I have shows it in alternating bass-strum style but I am not at the point yet in playing where I can fit all that into one bar and keep up a reasonable pace. But I will keep working on it

Meanwhile I have settled into a single bass-strum per bar or simple D/U strum per bar for now, but it still does not feel quite right.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Post by missileman » July 27th, 2005, 11:04 am

The original way is bass, DU,bass,DU.
as a begginer the bass note is kind of hard to pick the right string and still keep the rhythm going on the strums.
I suggest instead of playing the bass note, replace it with a down strum. so it would be D,DU,D,DU. it will give you the same overall rhythm and be easier to sing along with. (don't give up on the bass strum though, keep practicing that. It is used in alot of songs so is a good thing to be able to play.)

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