Seagull or Yamaha?

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Seagull or Yamaha?

Postby cmaracz » January 24th, 2005, 3:22 pm

I am looking to get another acoustic guitar, my first solid top to use. I am going to be trading in some other hardware and most likely adding in a bit of money. Now I've been looking at either a Seagull S6 or a Yamaha 403MS with a matte finish.

The Seagull costs more than the Yamaha, I believe around fifty dollars after taxes, extra. As well, the Seagull is out of stock. So if I were to get a S6 I'd have to wait.

Anyways the Yamaha felt pretty cool to me. Plus the matte finish I've heard improves tone. I don't really have much experience with the S6, especially since they were out of the base model when I went. The guy at the store said to him although they have a different sound, they are both pretty much of the same quality. Yet my guitar teacher says go for a Seagull, and looking at what people say, they are really great instruments.

So perhaps people can help me out, if you have experience with either or both. I want something that will last me for a while, and will have a tone good for some acoustic blues and pop-rock-folk (Neil Young, Beatles.) Do you think i should wait to see the S6 or just go ahead with the Yamaha now?

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Postby undercat » January 24th, 2005, 3:28 pm

If for no other reason, I would wait and try both just to make sure you weren't looking over your shoulder for the rest of your ownership, thinking "I wonder if it would have been better..."

You have nothing to lose by waiting, except maybe $50 to get the other guitar. The Yamaha will still be there.

Seagulls are well regarded and are a dynamite value. I'd at least wait to check it out.
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Postby yoyo286 » January 24th, 2005, 7:05 pm

Seagulls are built in canada, while Yamahas are built in Japan(or wherever in Asia). I have a Seagul M6 (Solid Spruce to and Mahogany back and sides.) and i love it! I also tried the S6 (the one with the solid cedar top and wild cherry back and sides) and it was an exellent guitar. I was looking for more of a spruce sounding guitar so i got the M6, but the S6 is exellent. Here a link to the seagull: And a link to the Yamaha: ... 00,00.html

I havent tried the Yamaha but I have no compliants about the seagull. I personally go with the seagull do to experiance. Happy buying!
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Postby Ghost Rider » January 24th, 2005, 9:50 pm

Seagulls are nice sounding guitars. The only concern I have with the matte finish on the softer cedar tops is that they scratch so easily. (I saw some rather beat up rental Seagulls with cedar tops at one shop, I was really surprised) I was going to buy a seagull 12 string with a cedar, matte finish top; but didn't like the service at the shop (i.e I was basically ignored, while they catered to the instrument rental crowd :? ) I ended up at another shop and bought a Yamaha 12 string with a spruce top and gloss finish. (which I am happy with).

Unless the Yamaha is a must-have, beautifully- sounding, perfectly set-up guitar; I'd wait. Maybe, you'll come across that perfect guitar, whether it be a Seagull, Yamaha, or another brand.

later, (eh!)


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Postby david M1 » January 25th, 2005, 8:33 am

I Think both Seagull and Yamaha and many others in this price range, have some good guitars. When buying my guitar I looked at and played the Seagull S6, and looked at and played a Yamaha FG-04 LTD.

I've been happy with my choice, I bought the FG-04' LTG Solid Engelman Spruce Top with Rosewood back and sides, Abolone (sp?) Rossette, and logo in headstock, with gloss finish.

I liked the sound of both guitars but I liked the way the Yamaha felt, the neck and action made it easy to play, I liked looks and the durablilty of the gloss finish.

Last week I thought I might trade up to an all solid body, after playing my guitar side by side with a few guitars I decided to keep what I have. The difference is sound was not enough for me to justify a different guitar.

Either guitar will serve you well, the biggest improvement in sound will willl come from the person playing it.

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Postby mattguitar » January 25th, 2005, 8:45 am

A good Seagull will outplay a crap Yamaha.
A good Yamaha will outplay a crap Seagull.

I have 3 Yamaha's, love them all, well built and good tone straight out the box. But in my opinion, there isn't much between them brand for brand.

My advice, try them head to head and see what you think. Or even better, what another listener thinks of the sound.



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Postby yoyo286 » January 25th, 2005, 3:31 pm

^Amen. The Seagull also has a wider neck, which is good for me because I have big hands, so if you don't by any chance like the feel of the seagull, it's probably because the neck is wide. So in that case, go with the Yamaha, but otherwise go for the Seagull! 8)
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Postby jdcpar5 » January 31st, 2005, 7:47 am

Great advice here already (as usual) but I would suggest trying to find a store near you that stocks the Seagull S6+ GT. This is the S6 model (solid cedar top, wild cherry sides & back) WITH a high gloss lacquer finish on the top.

I bought one about six months ago and I LOVE it. The gloss finish should offer a bit more protection that the plain S6 with no finish.

But I have to repeat the advice of others what sounds and feels right for YOU.

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