Need your guys' opinions on a guitar effects pedal...

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Need your guys' opinions on a guitar effects pedal...

Post by GuitarManoWar » September 9th, 2014, 12:16 pm

So I've been playing guitar for some time now (and this is actually the first time I am joining a forum like this, I just googled guitar forums and found it haha), and being that I am not too connected with other guitar players in real life (I am a bit non-social to say the least lol), I wanted your guys' opinions on something:

I recently saw this crowdfunding campaign where there is this new guitar pedal drum machine out, and it looks pretty cool, BUT I am on a tight budget and I'm searching for an alternative of the same quality. It costs $350, and it has some really neat features (like it's literally a drum machine in an effects pedal). So I was wondering if any of you knew about a cheaper alternative to this? I searched all over Google, but I couldn't find anything (except this cheap machine that sounds like a tinker toy, so it obviously wasn't comparable at all). Do any of you have advice for me? This thing looks freakin' awesome, and right now it seems like my only option for something of that sort.

Here are its details:

It's called the BeatBuddy
The site is: (there is a demo video of it there...)

Please let me know, as I'd love to have something like this (and if you could find me a cheaper version with all those qualities and features, I'd be forever grateful!!).. I need it to be hands-free like this one, and for it to NOT sound like a toy (like this one) Thank you guys so much!!!!

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Re: Need your guys' opinions on a guitar effects pedal...

Post by Nuno » September 15th, 2014, 12:05 pm

I have a Zoom drum machine. It has more than 400 patterns and 10 or 12 music styles and new ones can be created. We used to use Band-in-a-box, the patches are really good but you need a computer or mp3 player or looper to store the backing tracks.

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