Expression pedal for an RP100 multi-effect?

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Expression pedal for an RP100 multi-effect?

Post by Doug_C » September 14th, 2013, 2:36 pm

Just curious if anyone's using a DigiTech RP100 (or RP100A; both discontinued models), and if you have an expression pedal for the wah, Whammy™, etc., what make/model of pedal you have. I've looked at various brands from the M Audio EX-P (around $30) up to the Line 6 EX-1 (around $50) and on up to the Ernie Ball VP Jr. (MSRP $120) and Dunlop DVP3. (MSRP on the DVP3 is around $197, maybe so retailers can seem benevolent by offering them for under $120. :roll: )
I've been reading the reviews of the above pedals at various on-line retailers, but was wondering what any GN readers might have tried.

I don't expect to be going on my World Tour (Budokan and all those places) anytime soon, so I probably don't need anything that's really ruggedly built. Don't want anything that dissolves after a couple of sweeps of the pedal, either. :wink:

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Re: Expression pedal for an RP100 multi-effect?

Post by EzraplaysEzra » September 18th, 2013, 7:22 pm

I have the EH expression. No worries.

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Re: Expression pedal for an RP100 multi-effect?

Post by yatesy707 » December 27th, 2017, 9:20 pm

My understanding of it is that model needs a passive volume pedal. That is what it says in the manual. So that means 250Kohm TS type. I have tried the RP55 with a 100Kohm pedal and it nearly does the full modulation range, not quite though. So, for the Wah it is fine, but for the whammy the modulation will stop just a little short of a 2 octave wham, which sounds a little off.

So, you could use a TS expression pedal if it had a 100Kohm pot in it, or if you disconnected the ring on one end of the cable to make a TRS pedal into a TS pedal. Though most pedals are 10kohm - 50kohm, so they won't get the full range of modulation with the RP digitech.

You could use the Rocktron Hex because it uses a 250Kohm pot, but it is RTS rather than TS, so you would need to move a couple of wires about in the pedal or in the cable.

The best thing to use is a passive 250Kohm volume pedal.

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