multi fx set up

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multi fx set up

Post by bobblehat » November 23rd, 2009, 5:59 am


Just ordered a Boss ME-50 multi effects pedal and was wondering whats the best way to connect it to my amp.Will be using it with a Marshall AVT150 or Marshall VS100R.
Some people have recommended going straight into the amp and set all channels quite clean,and others recommend using the fx loop.

Any ideas much appreciated.
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Re: multi fx set up

Post by Gabba Gabba Hey » November 23rd, 2009, 6:58 am

Can you cable that particular pedal so that the overdrives and distortions go into the guitar preamp, and only the modulation and time effects (chorus, delay, for example) are in the amp's effects loop? If so, that's something to consider, but if not, then run the whole thing straight into the amp.

For some (most?) mult-fx units, the advice to run them into the "return" jack of the fx loop is because they have amp modeling, so you'd want to bypass the amp's preamp stage. Same with the other advice to run the amp very clean (when you don't have an fx loop); you're basically using the amp as a powered monitor and letting the multi-fx unit control all of your sound.

BUT, the ME-50 does not have amp modeling, afaik, so that advice doesn't necessarily work as well for this particular unit. It wants to be fed into a preamp; at least the ODs and distortions do.

I have the discontinued bass version, the ME-50B, and run it straight into the main input jack on my Gallien Krueger head. Never even tried it in the loop; too lazy. :lol:

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