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Newboi on the block

Posted: November 30th, 2018, 2:07 pm
by Babahill
Hellooooo from the UK!

I'm Babahill (Hill, Baba, Babs, B for short)

I've been playing acoustic and electric guitar for about 8 years now and i'm at an intermediate level with some fairly basic music theory knowledge. My acoustic is a nylon string with no brand name that I got from my friend and my electric is an Ibanez RGA32 with a mahogany wood finish.

I've always played a little bit of everything but never really gotten deep into a style or genre. Recently I've hit a wall and don't know where to go next... I am eager to learn, but I can't afford the classes and find most online sources hard to learn from because I am generally unsure of what exactly I want to learn, which makes it difficult to target my search.

I'm here to pick up some things that I don't know and hopefully share some things that I do. Tell me about your guitars and what you play!