G Guitars Store Closing Sale!!!!!!!!!

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Keven Clancy
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G Guitars Store Closing Sale!!!!!!!!!

Post by Keven Clancy » February 2nd, 2011, 8:22 am

For this Friday and Saturday only, G Guitars in New Haven is having a store closing sale!!!

All Items are massively marked down, most at cost! Everything must go!

This is a great opportunity to get boutique amps and pedals and high-end guitars and basses at bargain prices! Get in early before its too late. Our inventory will not last long at these prices!

G Guitars Closeout Sale. Friday and Saturday, February 4th and 5th from 10 a.m. - 10p.m. You don't want to miss this!!!

Please call or e-mail for pricing - 203-786-4734 - info@gguitars.com


Alembic Stage Tribute - 5-Piece Maple/Purpleheart/Cherry Neck
Breedlove A20 Custom Redwood / Walnut
Breedlove Passport D200/SM
Breedlove Passport Plus D250
Breedlove Passport Plus HH
Breedlove Retro D/ER
Breedlove Studio C25/SM
Breedlove 30th Anniversary 250CR - Koa
Crafter Lite Te CD/VTG Vintage Cedar Top
Crafter Light De SP/VTG Spruce Vintage Dreadnought
Crafter JM250 / VLS-V Jumbo Acoustic
Crafter TRV 23/CD Travel Guitar 3/4 Size Solid Cedar Top
Crater D8 Dreadnought -12 String
Crafter GAE8 Grand Auditorium Spruce Top
Crafter GAE Grand Auditorium 15 Solid Cedar Top
Crafter Travel Guitar 3/4 size Solid Sitka Spruce Top
Crafter TB Rose Grand Auditorium Solid Engelmann Spruce Top
Crafter Light DSP/VTG Vintage
Duesenberg SR52 Senior 52 Gold Top
Grosh Retro Classic Standard Mary Kay Seafoam Green
Grosh Hollow Carve Top T Honey Burst
Grosh Set Neck Limited Transparent Red
G&L 30th Anniversary ASAT Special Pearl Frost
G&L 30th Anniversary Legacy - Anniversary Pearl Frost
G&L Legacy Rustic Lake Placid Blue
G&L Legacy Rustic Blonde
G&L Legacy Belair Green
G&L ASAT Classic Semi-Hollow
Nash S-57 Dakota Red
Nash T-52 Black Maple
PRS Swamp Ash Special Blue Matteo
Reverend Rick Vito Signature Black
Reverend Sensei HB-FM Faded Burst
Reverend Volcano Natural
Stonebridge 23CRG-A
Stonebridge 23SFJ Tobacco Burst
Stonebridge 24SRD-C
Stonebridge 34SR-OM
Taylor 35th Anniversary SolidBody Quilt Maple
Taylor 35th Anniversary T3 Koa
Taylor Custom GS Master Grade Koa
Taylor 512ce
Taylor GA3-E
Taylor 110ce
Taylor Solidbody Classic Viper Blue Metallic
Taylor 814ce Fall LTD- Rosewood Fall Limited 814ce
Zemaitis PF300S-Ring Pearl Front


Dingwall Super J4 Olympic White
Flea Bass Wild One Full Size Bass x2
Flea Bass Water Bass Full Size
Flea Bass Water Bass Jr 3/4 Size
Flea Bass Punk Bass Jr 3/4 Size
Modulus VX4 Vertex 4 Gloss Black
Modulus VX4 Vertex 4 Gloss Grey
Modulus FBJ5 Flea J5 2-Tone Burst
Modulus Quantum 6 Buckeye Burl
MTD Kingston CRB 4 Black
MTD Kingston CRB 4 Sunburst
MTD Kingston Z6 Tobacco Burst
MTD Kingston Saratoga 4 Tobacco Burst
MTD Kingston Saratoga 5 Sunburst
Nash PB-63 Olympic White
Roscoe LG 3000 Cobalt Blue
Roscoe Century Standard Red 5-String
Roscoe Used SKB-3006 Spalt Flame Maple
Roscoe Century Signature V Boxelder Burl
Roscoe Century Standard 6-String Tobacco Burst
Roscoe LG 3005 Cocobolo Spanish Cedar
Sage Wedge 5 Redwood
Washburn XB102 4-String - Used

Bass Amps

Aguilar GS 410 Used
Aguilar GS 115 Used
Aguilar DB 112 Chocolate Used
Aguilar DB115 Tweed
Aguilar GS112 Used
Ashdown ABM 210 T Cabinet
Ashdown ABM 410 T Cabinet
Ashdown Five Fifteen Mini Stack
Ashdown Perfect 10 Combo
Eden WT-800 Head x2
Eden WTX-500 Head x2
Eden Nemesis RS-700 Head Used
Eden WTB-1000 World Tour Black
Eden E300-T Tube Head
Eden XLT 410 Cabinet
Eden XLT 210 x2 - Used
Epifani 902c Head
Epifani UL-212 Cabinet
Epifani UL-115 Cabinet
Epifani Performance 2x10 Cabinet
Epifani Epifunky 115c Combo
Genz Benz XB 410 Cab Used
Hartke VX 210 Cabinet - Used
Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine Combo Blonde
Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine Head
Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine Head
Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Vintage Powerhouse 1x15
Mesa Boogie Vintage Powerhouse 2x12
Mesa Boogie Vintage Powerhouse 4x10
Orange SP-210 Iso Cabinet
Phil Jones Bass Cub
Phil Jones Briefcase

Guitar Amps

Badcat Tonecat 1x12 Combo Used
Bogner Alchemist Head and 2x12 Cab Used
Carr Mini Mercury Combo - Red
Carvin MTS-3200 Combo
Egnater Tourmaster 2x12 Cabinet
Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 Cabinet
Orange Tiny Terror Handwired Head
Orange PPC 410 4x10 Cabinet x2
Orange PPC 2x12 Black Cabinet
Orange PPC 4x12 Cabinet
Orange Rockerverb 50 Combo
Orange Rockerverb 100 Head
Orange Micro Crush
Orange Crush Combos
Laney VC 15 110 Combo
Laney VC 30 112 Combo
Line 6 Spider Valve Used
Mesa Boogie Electradyne 1x12 Head
Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 1x10 Combo
Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 Head
Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 2x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Mark V 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Roadster 2x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 1x12 Combo
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Duece Head
Mesa Boogie Stiletto 4x12 Cab
Mesa Boogie 2x12 Rectifier Cab
Mesa Boogie 1x12 Widebody Cab
Savage Macht 6 Combo
Savage Rohr 15x 2x10 Combo
Swart AST MK2 Head
Swart AST 1x12 Cabinet
Tone King Imperial 1x12 Combo - Red
Top Hat Club Deluxe 1x12 Used
Top Hat Club Royale MK2 2x12 Used
Tech 21 Trademark 60 2x12 Combo
Victoria VIC105 Ammo Box Head
Victoria Ivy League 1x10 Combo
Victoria 20112 1x12 Combo
Victoria 45410 4x10 Combo Used

Mono M80 Gigbags and Guitar Straps!

Pedals From: Aguilar, Barber, BBE, Boss, Death by Audio, Diamond, DNA, EBS, Electro-Harmonix, EMMA, Empress, Eventide, Foxx, Fulltone, Gig FX, Heavy
Electronics, Lehle, Line 6, Maxon, Modtone, Moog, Oh La La, Option 5, Pigtronix, Red Witch, Seymour Duncan, Source Audio, Sub Decay, Suhr, Swart,
Swell, TC Electronic, Tech 21, Tortuga, TREX, TWA, WMD, Visual Sound, Voodoo Labs, Way Huge, Zvex

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Re: G Guitars Store Closing Sale!!!!!!!!!

Post by Laz » February 2nd, 2011, 9:22 am

I've approved this post as a one-off for the store closing. Usually, this type of advertising would not be permitted in the Swap Meet.

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Re: G Guitars Store Closing Sale!!!!!!!!!

Post by usernameGOO » March 12th, 2011, 9:21 pm

hey im interested in the tophat MK email me at thecolorjoy@gmail.com

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Re: G Guitars Store Closing Sale!!!!!!!!!

Post by longhairbob » June 3rd, 2013, 1:38 pm

Looking for Diamond delay. Prices? I will email

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Re: G Guitars Store Closing Sale!!!!!!!!!

Post by Bish » June 8th, 2013, 12:07 pm

Laz wrote:I've approved this post as a one-off for the store closing. Usually, this type of advertising would not be permitted in the Swap Meet.

Phew. I was thinking, "how did this slip through the cracks?"

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