Sold: GFS Dream 90 NECK + BRIDGE Pickups

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Sold: GFS Dream 90 NECK + BRIDGE Pickups

Post by slejhamer » January 28th, 2007, 2:03 pm

EDIT: Sold

These are excellent pickups in very good condition; wires were desoldered not cut so they are full length as from the factory.

I previously had these in my Ibanez Artcore but have gone back to humbuckers, only because I've got the sibling "Mean 90" in my '51 and wanted something different for the Iby.

Small scrapes here and there but you'll barely notice once you hear them growl!

Info from the manufacturer:
(Note: these have black screws, not stainless as shown at the GFS site.)

Includes mounting rings and height-adjustment springs and screws; does NOT include the four small screws that attach each ring to the guitar. Get small wood screws at any hardware store.

Selling as a set only; $25 shipped CONUS; paypal only to confirmed addresses only. Will sell outside of CONUS for additional shipping charges.


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