SOLD: Alesis NanoCompressor

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SOLD: Alesis NanoCompressor

Post by slejhamer » November 27th, 2006, 11:39 am

SOLD; thanks

Selling an Alesis NanoComp; does a nice job but I've decided I want a floor pedal instead. Comes with Alesis AC power adapter.

Rack mountable (1/2-size) for studio use, or just set it on your amp. Will work with guitar, vocals, keys, drums, bass, etc.

Works great; cosmetically it's in good/fair condition. Has rubber padding on the bottom to keep it from slipping off the amp (or is it velcro? Hmmm, gotta check ...) Slight hum when connected to my guitar amp, but I don't hear it when connected to my bass amp (or after I start playing; LOL)

$37.50 shipped conus, paypal only.


REVIEWS: ... essor/25/1

MANUAL: ... Manual.pdf

GOOD LOOKS (stock photo):
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