Balaclava - Arctic Monkeys ( need guitar and vocals )

Are you looking for someone to jam? Do you have AIM or MSN or YIM? Would you like to collaborate online? Are you just looking for something to do with the microphone attached to your PC? Post here.
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Balaclava - Arctic Monkeys ( need guitar and vocals )

Post by ThibaultDP » February 8th, 2014, 11:21 am

Hi there guitarnoise users!

My name is Thibault and i'm a 20 year old bass player from Belgium without the time
to start a band. I would like to cover some songs but i'm quite new to this so i'll start with one.

I already have a drummer who should be quite good, all i need is a guitar player and a singer.

Would anyone be interested to join me for this collaboration ?

Thanks and greets,


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