Are you looking for someone to jam? Do you have AIM or MSN or YIM? Would you like to collaborate online? Are you just looking for something to do with the microphone attached to your PC? Post here.
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Post by FlacidSlap » July 13th, 2016, 3:39 pm

The band ‘Zedi Forder’ is looking for a couple of talented folks to complete their lineup. They’re looking for a GUITARIST and a FRONTMAN. (Frontman needed for new band project. Powerful speaking voice rather than singing voice req).
They play their own brand of melodic heavy rock/alt metal music. If those are your genres, please head here for full details of what they're looking for and to hear some of their music.

http://www.tricore.bandcamp.com (Top left track for musician search details),
Please read through all the details and let us know if you’re interested via bandcamp or the email given there.

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