Reverend guitar w/bigsby tuning problems

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Reverend guitar w/bigsby tuning problems

Post by coreyle » March 14th, 2018, 3:13 pm

Hello all, first post here. I have a mystery tuning problem with my Reverend Tricky Gomez RT that I’ve had a luthier looking at, we can’t figure out why it’s not staying in tune. I have had it around 3 years, always stayed perfectly in tune up until last couple of months, even when using the bigsby like crazy. Was wondering if anybody might have some ideas of things to try. So...
The nut seems fine, have lubed it up anyway
Tuners seem fine
Truss rod/neck is adjusted properly, action is good
I put 11 gauge strings on the day I bought it, never had problems, never changed since
Rollers are working, lubed up to make sure they are rolling freely/enough
Have tried stretching out stock spring (Reverend has their own soft touch spring)
Rollers on roller bridge are working, have been lubed up
Locking tuners, I use as little wrapping around the post as possible, always have

I think that’s the whole list so far, luthier is out of ideas for what to try next. Only thing I can think of is to try a new spring? It goes sharp sometimes, sometimes it goes flat (all strings usually) mostly when using bigsby at all, but string bends cause issues too. Any ideas welcome, luthier says all things point to the fact that it should work. Any ideas or help appreciated.

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