Identifying wiring problems

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Identifying wiring problems

Post by zimzaladim » October 5th, 2017, 12:02 pm

I've got an archtop Ibanez artcore AF75. Recently the output is zilch when the pickup selector is at the neck switch. I have already done some minor guitar surgery to see if anything was obviously wrong (pickup still attached to wire, and selector switch seems soldered ok). I wondered if I can identify the culprit before attempting to yank out all the innards.
Here are the symptoms:
The volume and tone controls for the bridge pickup work as normal.
With both volume switches up, the middle position responds to the neck and bridge tone pots.
With pickup selector in middle, the volume for the neck pickup volume pot does nothing until it hits zero, and then it stops.
With pickup selector in neck position there is no output.


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