Creating future tube-sound on a transistor-amp?

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Creating future tube-sound on a transistor-amp?

Post by inourworlds » January 13th, 2016, 8:26 am

Dear all, you lovely Noisers,

Yeah, I know... The subject is not very clear I guess but I'll do my best to make you understand it.

I'm playing guitar for 12 years, electric. I've never kept myself busy with effects nor with creating an own sound other than playing with the built-in options of my Roland Cube-60.

About a year ago my interest started to grow in quality-sound (something more than just the cheap built-in simulations of the Cube). During the last couple of months I bought the 3 basic stomp boxes my heroes make use of as well:

- reverb (Boss RV-5)
- delay (EHX Memory Toy)
- overdrive (Okko Diablo Gain +)

My short term (within a year) future plan is to get a tube amp as well. I had the chance a couple of times to play some and it was mind-blowing every time.

And here comes my question:

Do you guys think that the sound I create on the Roland Cube with my stomp boxes will be pretty much the same on a tube amp I buy later? Or can I just start everything from the beginning when I get the tube-amp? Does it make any sense to do it on the transistor amp?

I'm very curios about your opinions and experiences!

8) :note1: :note2: !!ROCK!! :note2: :note1: 8)


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