Upgrading amp/kind of not tho

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Upgrading amp/kind of not tho

Post by wpc1996 » May 30th, 2015, 7:17 pm

Okay hey guys this my 1st post on here, been playing bass for 5 years guitar for about a year but anyways.

I got a charvel soloist for 350 off a stupid deal of the day and im looking to upgrade my amp a bit for this 100 blackstar im using (which yes it sounds good but I want a bit better amp but not the dream amp set up, im still like 2 years from that need to finish bass rig) basically im looking for a 112 combo amp thats under 500 and I can keep it on my desk or on my combo amp stands I have.

I made a list of possibilities

Randall RG80
Line6 amplifi 75
Blackstar Id30 (since I love mine and its a upgraded version of it)
one of the orange crush combos
or the black star 112 with a micro terror or one of the 1-5 watt heads

You guys can probably guess I play metal from some of those choices, metal rhythm so lots of chugging.
Id like a pedal friendly amp but this isnt a must, and orange and blackstar are my favorite amps but I do like randalls and I think line 6 is just a fun tool.

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Re: Upgrading amp/kind of not tho

Post by Doug_C » June 7th, 2015, 9:55 pm

wpc1996 wrote:Okay hey guys this my 1st post on here, been playing bass for 5 years guitar for about a year but anyways.
Welcome to the forum.
I got a charvel soloist for 350 off a stupid deal of the day
"SDOD" sounds like you bought from a certain big vendor with the initials "MF." (I'm not advertising for them or any vendor, but I've done business with them, so I know some of what appears on their site, like "SDOD" [but spelled out])

I'm not familiar with any of those amps, but for starters, you might want to read the reviews of them, on that vendor's site and maybe other seller's sites. Depending how long a product has been on the market and how many customers have bought it, there could be a really wide range of ratings, everything from "world's best amp" to "it stinks." If there seem to be more four- and five star reviews than three-star or lower, that's good, but also keep an eye out for any really bad stuff in the negative reviews. ("Smoke started coming out of it even before I started playing" might indicate it's something you'd want to avoid, regardless of how good the price is, especially multiple complaints of it. Yeah, I'm [mostly] kidding, but you get the idea.) Even if most of the reviews are positive, you might notice some thing that many users complained about, and decide you don't want one of those after all.

Make a list of features that you absolutely must have in an amp, and see if any of the ones on your list of candidates has all of them. Then you can rank them top-to-bottom, and see which one would give you the most value for your money. If one make/model is missing some feature that a different but higher-priced one has, the decision about whether to spend the additional buck$ is up to you. If the feature is "nice-to-have" and not a must-have, then maybe you'd be happy with the lower-priced one.

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