fender fm212r combo amp, bogner shiva hea amp

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fender fm212r combo amp, bogner shiva hea amp

Post by dedguy » December 24th, 2014, 9:31 am

sory if I type weird, I have ocd, and this laptop, moves the cursor and e ct

I have an fm 212 r combo amp, sometimes its buzzy, I read someowere that that means soemthings wrong with it, also the ch select, that changes it from clean to drive, is broken

if u click it down to use drive, it wont stay down so I broke a cd case and ued it to stick it there to stay there, also the foot pedal to swtich from drive to more drive died but the amp and drives works without it

anyways I was wondering, I wanted to get the sond of jerry cantrell from first two albums of alice in hains, dirt and the other one

I also saw an youtube vid of him studio diary, him usig,ng a new speaker or somethin and him saying omg sounds so good, its for one his latet albums this vid was from

I read that jerry used bogner shiva head amp and also other amps to get te sound

so im thinking of buying the bogner shiva head amp, can I connect it to my f 212 r fene amp, the fender am has pre out and pwr in

I also have a guitar portable I take with me, small amp, a mustang mini can I plug the bogner shiva head amp to it? people say stuff about impedance, I read that fm 212 r has 4 ohms, I dont know about the shova, I think u can swtich ohsm settings

anyways, can anyone help me, and dont tell me off please

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