Staircase to Hell - Nu Rock

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Staircase to Hell - Nu Rock

Post by Marcus Nalgaber » August 19th, 2018, 8:02 am

Staircase to Hell

There are moments in Life that left a terrible trace in the soul.

Best regards

One step, two steps,
staircase that goes and comes to the same door,
to the same wait,
ladder that whenever I go up
takes me down to Hell,
to Hell.

The white walls,
the windows and their light,
the tense calm, and you, and you,
prisoner of life when it is over.

And when I take your hand
and you look at me
without realizing that it is me,
that it is me,
I would like,
I would like so much,
so much,
to put in your eyes
all the memories you have lost,
you have lost,
to put in your eyes
all the memories you have lost.
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