a million miles away by kelly marie gelhar

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a million miles away by kelly marie gelhar

Post by dianakdljsdgjla » March 28th, 2013, 7:13 am

these are the words
that I’ve been wanting to say
but how can I tell you
when you’re a million miles away

you moved back home
to be with your family
so you went with them instead
of choosing your own destiny

now with all the memories
of you and I
I was afraid you would let go
until they faded away in time

but when I feel alone during the middle of the night
I would close my eyes and pretend
you were still there with me
even during the darkest of times

I want to whisper these words quietly in your ear
oh baby please don’t ever leave me here
but you left that day
and now you’re not there

because you walked away
without a single trace
and I turned into
an old faded memory

I still remember what it felt like
staring into your pretty blue eyes
it’s like they change colors like leaves
during the cool months in October

I still practice these words if we ever saw each other again
but I still look back at you
every now and then
and it still feels like you’re a million miles away

and when I’m sitting here
looking up at the stars late at night
I think about you
hoping that you are

doing the same thing tonight
even though you’re
a million miles
away this time

jason brann

Re: a million miles away by kelly marie gelhar

Post by jason brann » March 31st, 2013, 2:55 am

other than line 8, which felt clunky, the song flowed nicely. i'm guessing you already knew that, though.

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