Song Writing For Educational Teaching Book

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Song Writing For Educational Teaching Book

Post by teflbook » August 27th, 2012, 3:07 pm


I'm a writer (of educational books).
For a current project I need 20 songs based around various language points.
My guitar skills are very basic.

I'm hoping someone will offer to help fine tune my lyrics and add chords to my lyrics and turn them into songs. The main target audience for the books will be children. Needs to be pretty basic chords. In return for your help I can offer a copy of the finished book and you can add your work to your portfolio if you wish.

This is my first attempt at writing song lyrics, so not really sure what I should and shouldn't be doing, but I'll spend time on the forums and try and learn some dos and don'ts.

If you think you can help, even for just one song, then please let me know.



Here is (draft) of 3 songs (still need some work, but they're a starting point.

Song 1 – Questions

When I meet for the first time, I like to know,

Something about who I'm talking to.

Do you shake hands or smile? Or do you bow?

And do they seem friendly or act like a foe?

Do you meet over coffee or in the park?

Do you meet in the day-time or after dark?

I like to ask some questions, like what is your name?

Where do you live? How old are you?

To find out their job, I ask what do you do?

Are you married or single? Or are you gay?

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

Do you have a pet, like a gold-fish or a cute dog?

Or something exotic like a snake or a frog?

What kind of music do you like?

In your free time do you relax or hike?

Who do you admire? Who do you hate?

Do you read your stars to find out your fate?

What did you study when you were at school?

Did you get good marks or were you a fool?

Do you have any children? One two or three?

Now it's your turn to ask questions to me!

Song 2 - Superlatives

When I'm at home I meet my best friends,

We play in the park on the most beautiful days,

We eat the unhealthiest fast food, which is nice

and go to the cinema for the scariest films.

That's what I do when I'm at home.

When I'm in London, I visit the Queen,

She lives in the biggest house that I've ever seen.

It's the rainiest place where I've ever been.

But they sell the worlds tastiest ice-creams.

I go on The London Eye, the tallest in the world.

Where you can see for miles, like you were a bird.

I go shopping on Oxford Street and buy the most expensive clothes.

That's what I do when I'm in London.

When I'm in Spain I drink the cheapest wine,

Where it's sunny most of the time.

It has the clearest skies I've ever seen.

The restaurants are great, with the freshest fish,

Cooked for you as a most excellent dish.

The sea is the cleanest I've ever seen, where I swim

That's what I do when I'm in Spain.

Song 3 - Second Conditional

If I were a teacher, I'd never give homework.

If I were ugly, I'd stay at home.

If I were rich, I'd buy a big house.

[/b]If I were a Princess, I'd live in a castle.

If I had a wish, I'd wish for world peace.

I'd eat bananas if I were a monkey.

I'd swim in the sea if I were a fish.

I'd buy you anything if I won the lottery.

I'd be famous if I were in a film.

I'd speak Japanese if I lived in Japan.

If I were Mr. Bean, I'd be very funny.

If I were a bear, I'd love eating honey.

If I were you, I'd sing this song again.

Any feedback or ideas on this?

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