Challenge! Are you up for it?? :)

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Challenge! Are you up for it?? :)

Post by Simplyenchanting » April 12th, 2012, 12:17 pm

Hey guys! So...the other day I was just messing around, and I came up with this 'bridge' for a song..but that's pretty much as far as I got. But, I got to thinking, it could be super cool if some of you guys would wanna do some "creative writing" and finish it. Everyone would have something different from the same "prompt" (that you could of course change or reposition if you wanted to make it your own). So...hopefully you like the idea :) if there's any questions, just ask!

Background: When I wrote this I was imagining a girl who has never had her heart broken, but who's very careful and cautious when it comes to opening her heart, because she knows the stories and she's heard the warnings. The guy is patient with her, and he tries to help her trust in him, and in love. I also attempted to come up with a chorus that I like...but I'm not sure how to make it work better. I can include that at the bottom just so you can get a better feel for everything, but you don't have to include it in your song or anything :)

Write a song from the following prompt, being sure to use at least parts of in your song :)

I bite my lip, tell him I'm scared,
He locks his eyes on mine, and says,
"I'M NOT GOING anywhere."
Then he pulls me in like the gravity of the sun,
and whispers, "Baby, don't run."

Rough Chorus I came up with:
Feet Always prepared to run,
But he stands and pulls me in,
Like the gravity of the sun
Eyes closed cautious of the crash
But I give in to him at last
Still waiting to run fast

I know this might be a bit similar to the other songwriting group..but it's not exactly, and between you and me, I like this group better ;) hope you guys are up to the challenge! :)

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