Fonts to create Guitar Chords in PC or MAC

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Fonts to create Guitar Chords in PC or MAC

Post by FarhatGuitar » December 8th, 2011, 2:29 pm

Hi everybody !! A long time ago i created five Fonts to write chord in any word processor ( like Word etc) PC or MAC, depending the font, you could write
1-Basic chords C,D,E, ETC ( FarHat-acordes.ttf)
2-Sharp and Flat (FarHat-acordes #.ttf)
3-Fifth (FarHat-quintas.ttf ).
4- Your own chord (FarHat construccion de acordes.ttf )
5-Invented Font to write normal :-)

After you download the fonts, you have to:
1-Copy them in to your C:\windows\fonts folder
2-Reboot your computer.
3- Open you Word Processor ( Ex: Word )
4- Choose FarHat-acordes.ttf and type the chords as if your keyboard (to write in your computer ) is a keyboard ( to play music ) so z=C x=D c= E etc there are several combination .

Well check them and give me your feedback
Here you have the links ( from my website ) ( from ( From Dafont )
See you
Marcos Farhat

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