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A browser/phone based guitar tuner

If you see a contest for a free guitar, strings, amp or anything else related, post a link here. Also if you have a favorite freebie app, like a tuner or metronome, post the download link here.

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Postby jorivirtanen » August 11th, 2012, 1:43 am

My fellow musicians!

For starters, it is entirely possible that this post breaks the user agreement, as I'm telling people about a product we made. But, since we're not selling anything and thus ain't seeing a dime from this, I'll risk it -- really, we just want more people to play their guitars :)

In any case...

The Chord Genome Project is not the only thing we're doing. You see, we strongly believe that a finely tuned guitar is an object of divine beauty, so we went ahead and created GuitarTuna, a guitar tuner that anyone can use anywhere at any time. And yeah, it's also very much free to use – no ads, no popups, no strings attached.

How GuitarTuna works is that it uses your computer's or phone's microphone to listen to the notes you're playing. Pluck a string and our swanky software shows you whether to tighten or loosen the screw. Soon, a perfect tapestry of melodious harmony has been achieved. Nifty!

GuitarTuna is pretty much finished, but it could always use some more polish. So, if you want to give us feedback on what features and aspects still need tweaking, we'd appreciate it – as every artist knows, learning where you need to do better is essential.

So. Here's the link. Try GuitarTuna out.

If you like it, spread the love -- the more people pick up their guitars and tune them six ways 'til Sunday now that they don't need a dedicated tuner anymore, the better. We could all use a lil' more music :)

Thank you.

-Jori Virtanen, community manager, Ovelin.com
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Postby jorivirtanen » August 14th, 2012, 5:04 am

Hey again,

GuitarTuna for browsers is on its late beta stage, which means it pretty much finished, but it could use some more polish. The feedback will also help honing the phone versions. As the program's main function is to get rid of the excuses in the vein of "Aww, I can't be arsed to play, my ax is not even in tune!" and the like, we could definitely appreciate if you can share some ideas on how GuitarTuna could become more awesome.

Help us help the beginners keep their instruments in check :)

-Jori Virtanen, Ovelin.com
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