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Looking for Suggestions on a new acoustic ($500 range)

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Postby s1120 » December 22nd, 2011, 7:35 am

Cat wrote:Go out and try heaps of them...but don't look at the brand or know what they cost. Just look at guitars. When one feels just tright...and you'll know it...buy it...forget what it costs. It's someone's business to make a guitar that you can live with...and quite obviously they are pretty good at it. Pay 'em!

Ive been doing that myself for a wile.... Only problem is I fell HARD for a Breedlove thats WAYYYYYY out of my pricerange!!! So now I have to find somehting that compairs to it..... for a lot less. :D
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Postby rparker » December 22nd, 2011, 7:52 am

s1120 wrote:Only problem is I fell HARD for a Breedlove thats WAYYYYYY out of my pricerange!!!

I did the same thing a couple years ago. I had to figure out how to properly justify it. It ended up being my one-year quit smoking prize.

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Postby Cat » December 22nd, 2011, 12:56 pm

Obviously, Roy figured it out...

In life, you gotta face it: no matter what you are looking for, quality will COST ya! (Geez...you see what blueberries cost, lately?) You will NOT find something that will fit your guitar-dreams cheap unless it's hot or from a Deceased Estate Sale.

You CAN get something good for $500, though. C'mon, that's HEAPS of money. But maybe you live in an area with limited shopping opportunities? After all, you really CANNOT buy one from a catalogue...or from the internet...and know how it fits in your hands by looking at a picture or reading a sales blurb.

I'm convinced...play heaps of 'em...don't worry about the brand or the price...until one works. Paying for it is another thing, altogether. I worked in a butcher shop after school when I was 12 so I could buy a Jaguar. I don't work there any more...and one of my sons has the Fender!
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